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Us warplanes launch bombing campaign on islamic state in libya

Hamas spokesman: U.S. planes "weren't hitting the wrong targets" in Libya

Airstrikes at al Shifa hospital in Gaza killed 20

Turkey: "Our targets were Daesh and ISIS in Syria"

ISIS: We are going to take control of Iraq "soon" and "wish to destroy them like Al-Qaida"

Turkey: The Syrian regime should cease its aggression on its own people

Turkish FM: ISIS is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoan says

UN confirms that ISIS was behind attacks in Paris today

Egypt: More than 25,000 people killed during Egypt's military operation against ISIS in Sinai

FSA: A total of 579 SDF rebels killed yesterday in Mosul and 25 died on the way

Syria-Iraq border between Damascus, Aleppo and al-Qabun, Raqqa - source on clashes between Syrian army forces, Kurdish militias

Syria: Turkish jets shot down helicopter carrying Syrian jet fighter jet in Northern Aleppo

Turkey to launch attack against ISIS on the Syrian-Iraq border, SAA reports

Turkey: US drone-launched bomb attacks against Aleppo town near border with Syria, no casualties reported

SDF said they have captured 14 villages near Damascus border for SDF/YPG https://t.co/b1Yl0J8ZxQ pic.twitter.com/Q9wB0tIbJY ”

The Turkish Navy has launched 5 aircrafts and 10 ships against targets in Syria in the past 24 hrs. More than 9,000 people injured according to the reports from Syria today. https://t.co/2pF0bMkFgA ”

Syria: Reports of heavy shelling by Syrian air force in Aleppo city

Syria: the US-made Patriot missile system has been targeting ISIS-held towns in Syria in recent days

SDF has captured the town of Uthmaniyah from ISIS during clashes on Tuesday, Syria

Assad-allied opposition forces launched a major offensive to retake the town of Abu Ghraib in Syria's Deir Ezzor province

SDF: The Free Syrian Army/SDF/YPG launched a major offensive to capture the town of Uthmaniyah from ISIS in Deir Ezzor province, Syria

Rebels seized Tal al-Hafra on 3 July, Syria

A Turkish Navy guided-missile destroyer has struck a Syrian military vehicle in the Mediterranean Sea

Syria rebels are targeting al-Nusra and ISIS targets in Aleppo

SDF claims that they have retaken 10 villages near the Syrian-Kur

Forum to focus on saleyards site

This month, the Ontario Municipal Board will start considering a request from Ontario Municipal Board chief clerk Mary-Sue Johnson to examine whether to buy up to $14 million worth of vacant land in Niagara region for a community centre.

The plan, which would allow the local board to spend that money in a manner that is designed to help revitalize the area, is a joint effort between Johnson and business and community leaders with a mandate to help the area recover from the decline of the nearby steel industry.

The idea is to create a permanent community centre to help people from around the area gain access to affordable rental housing and schools and businesses.

"We really are trying to revitalize the area and the Niagara region through economic development," said Jeff Anderson, a developer with the property owners' association who supports the plan. "We've been trying to revitalize the region for a long time, especially since the steel industry left us."

Anderson believes the property owner's group needs to see this project because it will allow them to invest in what they are doing.

"(The community centre) is needed because the local board is not having any money invested in it at the moment," said Anderson, noting the county recently started a property tax increment financing plan that aims to attract new developers to their area through the levy that is being paid through the development of the planned community centre.

The group is asking the OMB to consider a "non-investment" option that would allow the OMB to buy up to $14 million worth of land, including the empty land on the top of the north side of the village that is currently used as a community centre, in hopes of getting private capital to help fill in the missing funding gaps in the village.

It is still considered to be in the early stages of negotiations between those involved in the property deal and the OMB.

One potential benefit, according to the developer, would be a sense of permanence and security in their vision for the area, said Anderson.

But any move that would push the site out of the village will need to take into account the possible impact on the surrounding streetscape, added Anderson.

Johnson's proposal comes on the heels of an agreement brokered by the Ontario Municipal Board in which the government has provided $28 million in additional funding to help the Niagara region build out its affordable housing and affordable development capacity.

While those funds are intended to help boost the area's economy by helping businesses attract to the area and by helping the province reduce its long-term debt level, the funds are not intended to make a long-term investment in the area.

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