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вSisters always swallow,в Alison groaned. вMake her always swallow, Randy!в
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Amanda cut him off by wrapping a gentle hand around his sex organ. Our friendвs back immediately extended, and his entire body seem to stiffen in shock. вShhh.itвs ok, my big teddy bear,в she told him soothingly. вI wouldnвt be here if I didnвt want to do this. For myself. For my husband.в She paused. вFor you.в She looked at me briefly as she spoke, her eyes penetrating me even through the camera lens. But I knew what she was doing: teasing me and making me happy, and at the same time putting Dimitri at ease. I loved her so much.
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вHa, guess we broke two barriers today.в
We laid there, moving gently back and forth, each letting out occasional sighs, and moans. Feeling each others movements, and indulging in every sensation.
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вOh, Daddy, yes, yes, spank her! Such a naughty mommy! She's got her tongue buried into my twat!в
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Mom looked at him with concern. "You are happy though, right?"

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After the shower we both stayed naked. I asked Steve if he want to order in or go out, again he chose order in. Chinese food? He got a devilish grin on his face and said same bet as last night? Sure why not. He then said that having other people see me naked really turned him on. I then had to admit that it did the same to me. I placed the order and we waited. About an hour later a car pulled up and another delivery boy hoped out. I got excited about exposing my body and the heat started getting to my pussy. The bell rung and I opened up the door. The boys mouth dropped open when he saw me. I got the food and paid him all the while he was looking me over. My pussy was dripping. He turned and left, I shut the door and left out a giggle. My brother started laughing. I said hurry come out into the kitchen. I dropped the food on the counter and sank to my knees, grabbing my brothers cock and stuck it into my mouth. He was hard already from the encounter. I quickly got up and pulled him by his cock over to the table. I sat on the table and pulled on Steve's cock into my pussy. He began to fuck me. I could only say faster and harder and he obliged me. In no time at all I was cumming and he kept on fucking me. Then with a final grunt he pushed into me and came. It felt so incredible. I pull in his head and kissed him. He finally let go of me and pulled away. I said вwowв that was awesome. He agreed and then bent down and started to eat me, I had another orgasm as soon as he licked me and a few smaller ones till he was done. I gave him another kiss and tasted myself on him.
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Her eyes shot up from her phone and her face immediately lit up when she saw John. вHey baby, I was so zoned into my phone I didnвt even hear you come in!в she skipped over to him and gave him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, seizing from him the opportunity for a longer feel of her body.
The day was beginning and everyone was in a good mood well except Terry. After breakfast Lynne helped clear the table and clean up the kitchen.
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He looked over at Angel, gave one of his deep rumbling laughs and said with a smile, вIвm sure Iвm not the only devil here tonight. Who knows what might be in that drink?в
After a hug that seemed like minutes, she leaned back, stared up at me, and stripped off her shirt, and then bikini.
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We were up next so it was time to tell Cindy my plan. I told her and she blushed and said she did not know if she could, that there is about one hundred guys in here. I said don't worry I will help you. And you said that would do anything I would do. She finally said OK.
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or something?". Cindy bought that, and decided to take a shower first. So she got up, dropped her

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She then pushed a finger in my butt causing me to scream out in a bit of pain. " what kind of slut are you not liking to have things in her hole?" she twisted her finger around I winced. She pulled her finger out and went to her dresser. "get on the bed,now" she had a huge metal bed, with four long ornate bars for posts, it was very tall you had to almost climb onto it, so i opted to use the little step stool next to it. She turned around from her dresser, in her arms was a glass butt plug that had a fox tail attached to it, a red ball gag, nipple clamps, a gold vibrator, and four white fuzzy handcuffs with long chains. She set them by the bed on the stool.
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For the first time ever while another man is licking my cunt lips Roger slides his erection into my mouth. Wonderful sensation and I cum three or four times in rapid succession.
Jon told me to come out of the cubicle and let him get a closer look at me. Heвd got up and was talking to me in front of the mirror when the manвs partner came out of her cubicle. She was wearing a dress that was nearly as short as the one I had on and it looked nice, but it wasnвt as revealing as mine. The man got up to talk to her and I saw that he had a big bulge in the front of his trousers. I think that the woman must have seen it too because she giggled a bit and said, вWhat have you been thinking about?в He didnвt answer the question but commented on how nice she looked.
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Bekahвs tits were mashed flat on the dock, eyes closed as I pounded her ass, gasping joyfully with each hard stab of my prick! She loved the savage cornholing I was giving her, one of her fingers between her clenched teeth as she made sharp little barks of lustful joy with every slamming thrust!
вOh fuck,в Ashley cried, rubbing furiously at her clit. Her body tensed up and her eyes shut hard. She gasped and curled her toes as a powerful orgasm tore through her body. Madison reached over and held Ashleyвs free hand as her sister came. Ashley locked fingers with her and rode out her orgasm, moaning wildly. Finally, her orgasm subsided. вOh my God,в she breathed.
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While the thought was pleasant, I really didn't think it was an option. "Sweetheart" I said a little embarrassed. "I've had way too much to drink. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to"
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Brad asked which mall I wanted to go to and I told him the вSpringfield mallв as it had a Victory Secret store. My uncle thought it was his lucky day. We got to the store quickly and I looked around at some items and thought I would start off slowly. So I picked up a little silk night gown which I purposely got one too small. I had him sit in a chair outside the changing room and went to a booth that he could clearly see. I pulled the curtain mostly closed except there was about a two inch gap. I pulled down my shorts, I had no underwear on and stood against the curtain so my ass pushed against it as I bent over to undo my sandals. I know he could see my pussy.

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"O yea", she said. "That feels different."
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He then said, "When a cock gets hard it means that a guy is ready to squirt this special white stuff that makes guys feel good and that girls really like. There are lots of ways to get the white stuff out and there are lots of things to do with it. I'm going to show you some of it. So first I want you to scoot down under the blanket until your mouth is is in front of my penis."
A little later the sex sounds from her grandparents' room started up again, filling her sleeping mind with sexy images and feelings as it had the previous two nights. She rotated her hips, trying to find anything to rub against. Finally, frustrated, her mind once again switched itself to the sleepwalking level.
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Jules face turned from one of satisfied lust to one of sheer horror вyou bastard Chris, why wo..в
He must have been desperately trying to search for the ship or something. I stayed in the shade and looked as he was looking in all directions. He sank to his knees and hid his face in his hands. I slowly made my way towards him. The sun was warm on my skin. Unlike my friend here, I was rather fair skinned and easily got sun burned.
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вMe! Mommy can I help him? Please!в Emily begged.
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вIf it will assist your deliberations I shall show you," I suggested, вThe chap I bought this from was quite the connisseur of depravation, I own the play room he left me is the equal of any to be found in France or Spain," I pointed at the door, в it is through there.в

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Then Daddy reached under the bed and pulled out a small box and put it in my hand. вGo on,в he said, вopen it.в
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My head swirled with guilt and frustration, but something had to give. I made up my mind and quickly pulled my jeans and my panties down around my ankles before I had a chance to chance to talk myself out of it again. I stripped off my pants and folded them up before putting them on the kitchen table and turned around to find him standing there watching me.
We went inside and sat at the table. My backpack hung on the back of my chair and I sat next to my mother. вThese are the films you asked for, Harry.в
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вGumв I respond, as I shut and lock the door.
She was moaning, her hands roaming over my back, her body squirming, her mound lifting up against my erection. Her every demeanor conveyed to me that she was sexually hungry too. As I attacked her body, I surveyed her body with my eyes. She was indeed a lovely China doll. My mind reeled! I could have this China doll for one night or give her what she wanted and she would be mine for 30 days. I put that thought aside to concentrate on the moment.
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After enough prodding from the girls, I finally jumped into the pool, splashing everyone and setting off a round of giggles. A few of the girls approached me, touching my arms and asking me questions. I didn't do much yet, although I did feel one of the girl's six packs just to make sure it was real.
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вThisis the clitorisв she said, separating her labia with two fingers and pointing to her clit with her other hand. вGirls will love it if you touch them here! Try itI want you to lick it.в

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вThis is my last chance to change my mind,в I thought to myself. вIf I do this, it will change everything. Do I really want to do this or not?в
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She went about her work, then left for the next cabin on her checklist. I decided to do some errands in town. I returned just after noon. I was feeling tired so I laid down on the bed and feel asleep.
When he was fully dressed, he simple looked down at me and then smiled, вI will be back sooner then last timeв then he turned and left.
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"That means that when she got pregnant, she was younger than I am now. They went on and had 11 more kids, and grandma says she has never met any couple more in love than those two were! They were married 68 years when she died."
Her hair was pinned up and she had on the same tall black stilettos. She was holding a gold latex cat suit identical to hers. She threw it at me and climbed onto the bed.
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вitвs ok Jules heвs had a fair bit to drink I think you may be a bit surprised.в
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They did find out a few facts about each other, that Ron had been on the varsity football and wrestling teams, and had no idea of what to major in at college; and that Jean had been one of the salutatorians of her college graduating class, and always ran the 1st to 3rd grader group Christmas pageant. To try to get her to open up more and extend the conversations, Ron actually started helping with the dishes or cleaning up after meals, in addition to his other usual chores, like taking out the garbage and the yard work.

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As we pulled out of the parking lot we looked at each other and asked now what. As we were driving we saw a sex toy shop so we stopped. We made ourselves presentable, that is we buttoned up two buttons and went in. We were looking around for a while and found a few items to purchase, two tail plugs that would make us look like Pepe Le Pew and a strap-on. I kept on telling Mandy I am going to fuck her so hard with it.
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He slowly opened his eyes and looked at her, still involuntarily grunting every other second.
As we finished, Tom came out of their room. He too was naked, as we had all agreed was not going to be a problem. His morning hard-on was leading him toward us and we both knew he had to really go. He was jumping up and down when he entered the bathroom and it was a second later we heard a stream of urine hit the toilet.
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Would you like something to drink after your drive? Oh uh yes how about a glass of ice water ? Terry said I will get it for you and Brandy released her hand and Terry headed for the kitchen glancing back to see Brandy watching her. Once Terry was out of sight Brandy turned to Lynne and asked is this your house? Oh no it is my fiances parents house and Terry is his younger sister. So Lynne what happened to your face? Lynne began telling her about Shelly and Bill being stabbed and then Shelly's Brother showing up here and attacking her. Oh god Lynne that is horrible Brandy said. So Brandy what have you been doing lately? Well After college I used my degree and have become a well paid IT tech and I work and I work and for this trip I took a month off work and they said fine to just come back when ready. Wow Brandy you must be good at your job for them to say that.
вOh heвs going to cum,в Alana said seductively. вI can see it from here. His cock is so hard. Heвs going to bust inside her any second. I can tell this is going to be a huge one.в
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The pressure continued to build. I pulled back from the kiss holding his head in my hands and looking into his eyes as I trembled continuing to slide up and down on his cock. I was getting so close. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his. I came down hard on him one last time and my orgasm hit. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pushed my face into his neck crying out. My back arched and my muscles spasm. My ankles slipped from his legs. I felt Ryanвs arms wrap around me to keep me from falling. My orgasm seemed to last forever. When I did finally start coming down I just kept saying how great it felt and how amazing it was. I tried to get my legs back in place, but they just tingled and felt like Jell-O.
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She was furious! How could her friend do this to her! The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. It wasn't really rape; she had wanted the sex, just not the sperm!

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вThat doesnвt surprise me. Maybe later we can spend a little time together and get to know each other better,в she says as she presses against me and grabs a coffee mug. I tense up when I feel her cock rub against my tush.
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both having roommate problems, and since Diane's roommate decided to give her notice, the two of them
He just stood there for like 5 seconds with my thumb inside his mouth, just completely shocked, frozen, blushing, holding his lips open like I was a dentist or something, and glaring wide-eyed at the ceiling tiles like something crazy interesting was happening up there. It was fucking adorable. I totally get now why Ethan didn't want to go down this road, it was like his mouth was somehow mine; like I was colonizing it... claiming it? Yeah. Claiming it.
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"Jean, when I say you look great, or hot, or beautiful, I mean it every time I say it. So, yeah, the do looks great on you."
Shortly, a few of our football buddies showed up so the conversation changed to a more normal topic. GIRLS! Even Brandon and I had an opportunity to enter that conversation, telling everyone about our double-date and the concert and activities afterward. I thought to myself we were able to enter the conversation without lying which made it easier to remember the details at a later date.
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She released me and went into the cabin. Soon she appeared with the used towels and garbage. She went to her cart and got replacement towels and garbage bags. She disappeared back into the cabin.
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Iвm in complete heaven as she lathers my little flower bud with spit. Waves of pleasure crash into me like a storm hitting the shoreline. She withdraws her tongue and suddenly I feel a finger pressing up against my behind. The pressure builds before it finally nestles itself inside by bum. I groan from the way it spreads my little butthole open. Giving me a mixture of pain and pleasure. I grab a pillow and hug it tightly.

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She froze, her face blushing instantly. She obviously didn't mean to add that last part.
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The sun begins to set over the horizon of Detroit as twilight takes over the sky. I make my way to the bank as the air turns cold. Since itвs only a few blocks away, it doesnвt take long before I get there. The bank is huge, to say the least. At least 8 stories high. Itвs closed at these hours, luckily they have an ATM outside where they wonвt charge any fee to use if you have an account. I pull out my debit card and put it in the machine. I go through the sequences and it eventually spits out $20 bucks and my card.
вI donвt know...that was just...nice.в
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When I got awake this morning, Mandy was still sound asleep. I went downstairs and made some coffee. I called Cindy and told her all about our exploits. In particular the вTown Center Mallв where she could flash and Cathy at the bikini store. She tells me she will have to go check it out and have some fun with Cathy. It was another hour before Mandy came downstairs. She came over and gave me a kiss and told me that getting fucked by her last night was the most excited she has ever been. I don't know how we can ever top that. I asked how her pussy and ass are doing. She gave each a rub and said they could take another round. I told her Tom is coming home today and he is dying to fuck you. She smiled and said I know, ever since the first time we met I could see in his eyes that he wanted me, and today he will get me, you are going to join us aren't you. I said of course I am.
I was home alone and unsupervised! I could easily sneak out for days and my dad wouldn't know, he was in the hospital. John wouldn't come check on me, he was being weird. And all I had to do to get out of school was call mr. Ashford and tell him to make sure I got the day off, and he'd be too scared I'd rat him out to say no.
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"I've wanted to do that since I met you, pretty boy," she moaned. Her perfect tits bounced as she swiveled and straddled my crotch, grinding gently. Her eyes widened.
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"Sounds great!" The rest of the way home, we chatted and laughed. I thought of bringing up the things that Brittni and I had looked up, but we were having too much fun. Maybe later.

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The vibe was removed and I was left for a while. Then the same thing happened again, and again, and again. I think it was 4 times in all. I was knackered, but happy, even though I didnвt know who was doing it to me.
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This time I never had to speed up my fucking of mom, I just kept us the steady pace and the cum just began to shoot out of me almost involuntarily, without my control. I exploded into her for the third time that night pumping and filling her with another load of my teen cum. I am usually able to jerk off five or six times a day; I make that much cum I am physically uncomfortable and it hurts if I go more than four or five hours without cumming. I jerk off any chance I can at school, at the mall, in the shower, sometimes in the woods or the remote part of the park field. I just make too much cum to go for any length of time without shooting it out. Keeping the amount of cum I could produce in mind I was totally amazed that mom could keep that volume of my cream inside her. She was certainly right about one thing; she wouldnГввt have wanted to sleep in the puddle of cum I could produce. Finally, being truly exhausted, I fell asleep but only after making sure I was positioned so I could continue to press my dick into mom and keep it there as I sleep.
вHaha, no kidding Oh my god! I feel Good! So good!в She laughs and plants her lips against my cum covered mouth. Her hands wrap around my face as we continue to kiss. Her cock is still inside of my ass, but as it loses its hardness, it slips out of my gaping butthole.
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As I dragged it over to the middle of the deck I looked up at Sebastian and saw him grinning and shaking his head sideways.
вGood. I want it all over my face before I fuck the shit out of you.в
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We spent the rest of the night fucking, and playing, she used the toys in my anus, and I used them all in her, the vibe and my cock filling her butt, so I told her to take a good sniff, then I fisted her butt, she managed to take it to the wrist.
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The elevator door opened. When we got into the elevator I decided to tell Jessie about Helen. I told her how Helen was coming on to me both last night and this morning.

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